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Corporate Mission Statement

SINGH UNIVERSAL NETWORKS, INC. is a leader in worldwide transportation services.

Our Mission is to expand and continually improve our service to meet the needs of our customers throughout the world.

Fundamental to Success for the Company are the Following Basic Values:

bullet People: Our people are the most important asset.  They determine our reputation as a company and provide the source of our strength.  To do their best, employees need to work together with a common aim.
bullet Products: Service is our product.  How our services are viewed is how we are viewed. 
bullet Profits:  Profits are the ultimate measurement of how well we fulfill our customers' needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.

Guiding Principal:

bulletThe quality of our services must be our number one  priority.
bulletCustomers are the focus of everything we do.
bulletContinuous improvement is critical to our success.  We will Strive for excellence and measure our progress.
bulletWe will create an environment where people are valued as individuals and treated with respect and dignity, fairness and equality.

Singh Universal Networks, Inc. will continue to be aggressive and innovative to sustain our growth and development.  Domestically and International, we will add offices/agents and services wherever demand exists for quality international transportation services.  We will strive to attract the best overseas agents and work toward long-term relationships that will produce the best results for the company and our customers.  We will continue to evaluate potential acquisitions of established and profitable companies which complement our strategic goals.  Of most importance,  we will continue to attract and retain good people, equip them the right tools to do the best job possible, and give them every opportunity to grow with the company.

Advantages of using Singh Universal Networks, Inc.

Financial Stability -  Singh Universal Networks has no long term debt and has been profitable every year since our inception.  We continually invest in human resources and technological advancement.  This means we will be here for you for a long term partnership.

100% International Focus - Since 100 percent of Singh Universal Networks' resources are devoted to international, we are completely focused and poised to take advantage of market opportunities.                           

High Quality Employees - Singh Universal Networks believes that our employees are responsible for our success.  We have been able to attract and keep top quality, innovative people and reward them based on performance.

Horizontal Management Structure - Singh Universal Networks' Senior Management Team is involved in the Company's day-to-day operations and actively supports the Branches.  This increases the depth of  resources from which we can draw to give  your company open access to broad  experience at all levels.

Flexibility - Singh Universal Networks' structure allows us complete flexibility to respond to unique market opportunities, which is important in our dynamic industry.

Because of this experience and these resources, we also have the flexibility to design transportation programs to fit our customers' particular needs.  Singh Universal Networks is entirely focused on our customers!

Full Range of Services - Singh Universal Networks can provide the full range of international transportation related services under one roof.  We are convenient and easy to use!

Corporate Buying Power - Singh Universal Networks moves considerable airfreight from the United States.  That means we can use our leverage to obtain the most favorable rates and services from the airlines.  With this working for you, your company can be assured of competitive rates and a choice of service options.


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