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  Freight Forwarding

Your success in international trade depends upon the reliable delivery of your products to your customers.  Whether your business requires straightforward shipments to a single point, or complex logistics solutions, efficiency and cost effectiveness are critical to your bottom line success.  To meet these demands, you need the expertise, the experience and the global network that SINGH UNIVERSAL NETWORKS, INC. offers.

Our objective is to provide professional services that satisfy all of your international air and ocean freight forwarding needs.  With the wealth of knowledge available from our experienced staff, we can help you by guiding you through even the most complicated routing and stringent foreign commercial documentation.                                                                 

Planning, preparing and implementing a shipping and logistics solution requires a clear understanding of your specific needs.  Every detail, from service options and account delivery strategy to overall expenses and shipping routes, is reviewed.   Only then does Singh Universal Networks, Inc. begin designing a program that successfully meets all of your demands ‑ rather than fitting you into a pre‑set system.

Our focus is on serving you and your customers with a broad service menu :

bulletInternational Air Transport Association (IATA) and Cargo Network Services (CNS) certified.
bulletWorldwide air consolidation and direct carrier services.
bulletSpecial cargo handling.
bulletFederal Maritime Commission (FMC) licensed. 
bulletWorldwide ocean consolidation and direct carrier services.
bulletLess than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).
bulletSpecialized equipment & Break‑bulk/Oversize handling.
bulletCompetitive rates.
bulletNationwide inland pickup & delivery services.
bulletPre‑ and post‑shipment service for a total logistics solution.
bulletProject forwarding/management.
bulletMulti‑vendor assembly.
bulletIn‑plant warehousing with own staff.
bulletComputerized shipping/receiving.
bulletCargo insurance coverage (including comprehensive door‑to‑door, no deductible).
bulletInternational banking.

Extensive library of resources to competently answer your Customs and transportation related questions.

Even with the best technological advances and the most reliable vendors, the essential ingredients to your first‑rate logistics program are the people of Singh Universal Networks, Inc.  We pride ourselves on providing an environment in which individuals obtain optimal training and professional development.

This education enables Singh Universal Networks, Inc. personnel to maximize their performance as customer service providers while also developing skills in a variety of industry roles.  The result is adept, versatile employees focused on meeting each of your freight forwarding needs.

You can rely on Singh Universal Networks, Inc. for prompt, dependable and personalized freight forwarding services.

Business is undertaken, subject to the current Rules and Regulations of the National Customs and Forwarders Association of America, Inc.

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