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   Cargo Insurance

Did you realize that in the event your cargo is lost, damaged or destroyed in transit, you are very often only eligible for:

$20‑ per kilogram in the case of air freight?

            $500‑ per package in the case of ocean freight?

This comes as a rude surprise to many shippers, especially as they do not realize this matter until an unfortunate, calamity befalls their cargo.

Take, for example, the following scenario: Your cargo is in a container aboard an oceangoing vessel.  The vessel hits rough seas and in order to save the rest of the ship, the captain chooses to jettison the container carrying your cargo.  This is called general average.  In this situation, everyone else who has cargo on the boat must pay a portion of the loss.  The carrier in this situation would be held harmless because the attitude attached to maritime admiralty laws is that if the cargo wasn't given to the carrier in the first place, they wouldn't have had a problem.  Where does this leave you without insurance?  Probably only able to collect the proscribed $500‑ for the container.  Where does this leave everyone else on the vessel?  If they have insurance, their insurance carrier will post bond to cover the expected loss.  Anyone else without insurance would be expected to post a cash bond to get their cargo released.

At SINGH UNIVERSAL NETWORKS, INC., we understand the substantial value you place on your international shipments and recognize the importance of making sure that cargo is insured, both on the import and export side.

Under our Open Marine Policy, we are able to provide "all‑risk, warehouse to warehouse" coverage for most commodities to and from all places of the world.  Of course, some cargo and destinations will carry restrictions, exclusions or deductibles.  These limitations can be laid out in a comprehensive quotation provided by a Singh Universal Networks, Inc. representative.

We can offer a variety of coverage suited to your exact shipping requirements  . . .

bulletFree of Particular Average (FPA)
bulletWith Average (WA)
(* Including theft and/or non delivery of an entire shipping package)
bulletInternational Air and Ocean "All Risk"
bulletDomestic via truck, rail-car or air carrier
bulletMail/Parcel Post
bulletImport Duty
bulletContingency Coverage

For your convenience and as part of our comprehensive approach to service, we can handle all insurance related documentation, reporting, payment of premiums and assist you in claims settlement processing.  Premium charges are included in our single invoice for services and related costs.

Because many imports must be backed by surety bonds, you'll appreciate a full‑service partner like Singh Universal Networks, Inc.  As an agent for leading insurers, we can immediately arrange all required surety bonds so your goods can be expedited to their final destination.  We believe our rates are very competitive for single entry, continuous and drawback Customs surety bonds.

Whatever your requirements are, Singh Universal Networks, Inc. can keep you "covered" every step of the way.

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