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   Customs Brokerage

SINGH UNIVERSAL NETWORKS, INC. is a licensed and permitted Customs Broker dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized customer service. 

Our Philosophy and goal is simple: 100% satisfaction.  Giving clients what they need to succeed.    


Automated Broker Interface (ABI) certified.


Food & Drug Administration (FDA) certified.


ABI data transmission to Department of Transportation (DOT), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Federal Communications (FCC)

bulletSeven day a week clearance.
bulletPre-clearance program.
bullet Flat brokerage/clearance charges.
bullet No overtime charges!      
bullet Electronic duty payment via Automated-Clearing-House (ACH).

"There is more to a Customs Broker than just a Customs Entry."

 From routing the freight from the shipper's door to helping it reach the United States, clear Customs smoothly and be delivered to the consignee, it is the job of a Customs Broker to insure a flawless and expedient transaction every time.  Add to their services the ability to offer cargo insurance, freight  forwarding,  classification advice and duty drawback proficiency, the typical broker must be a multi‑faceted professional.

SINGH UNIVERSAL NETWORKS, INC. provides responsive and flexible integrated services needed to ensure the most rapid movement of your cargo from origin to destination.  By selecting us as your single provider for import and transportation services, costly and disruptive "seams" are removed from your logistics channels.  In addition, your shipments enjoy the added benefits of faster clearance and handling while you gain greater control of your cargo. 

Whether at seaports, airports or inland ports our skilled associates use the latest automation to clear your shipments through Customs and other Federal agencies efficiently and cost effectively. 

In the new era of U.S. Customs' Informed Compliance, importers appreciate a strong import partner like Singh Universal Networks, Inc., a company that can help small and large firms comply with the agency's new programs and policies.  Under Informed Compliance, importers must exercise reasonable care in their dealings with Customs.  Partnering with Singh Universal Networks, Inc. helps fulfill that critical responsibility.

Our knowledgeable staff is very proficient in managing the myriad technical details involved in import transactions and equally adept at prioritizing concerns to avoid costly errors.

Singh Universal Networks, Inc. has taken a pro‑active approach with U.S. Customs and other governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration to establish procedures and relationships complementary to prompt transaction handling.  As part of this approach, we have invested in computer and software technologies which are continually updated to enhance our services.

With our computer links to U.S. Customs' Automated Broker Interface (ABI), we clear your goods through Customs quickly and then pay duties electronically.  Our advanced information management systems automate the Customs entry, release, and duty payment processes‑‑which ensure accuracy and speed the processing of your shipments.

Whether you import by ocean, air or land, our services are designed to help you control every aspect of your transaction.  Whenever possible, we will transmit your documentation in advance and initiate the entry process before your goods arrive.  In fact, most of our ocean and air shipments pre‑clear Customs.

As an added benefit, we currently offer select clients Customs clearance and delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without costly overtime charges.

Singh Universal Networks, Inc. is available to serve any of  your Customs brokerage needs.

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