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The complexities of international trade have changed dramatically over the last few decades.  We have gone from steam driven ships to containerships, from bi‑planes to huge cargo aircraft, from "in transit" to "J.I.T.", from weeks to days.  The World is getting smaller & the demand to move goods as efficiently and competitively as possible is the norm rather than the exception.  Trade barriers are falling.  Trade agreements are forever changing.  In order to compete in today's environment you must align yourself with not just a Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder but with a Transportation Logistics Management Specialist.  You must join with this entity as a trading "partner" and not just as a transportation provider.

We at Singh Universal Networks, Inc., have positioned ourselves to provide that partnership.  We work together with you and your staff to develop transportation solutions that allow you to move your goods from origin to destination in a cost effective and efficient manner.  We have further enhanced that position by associating ourselves with a network of global and local transportation specialists that augment that partnership to ensure the seamless movement of your cargo.

Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding is still a people oriented business and responsiveness depends largely on the spirit of cooperation of individuals.

With Singh Universal Networks, Inc., you benefit from our people‑oriented approach that translates into services tailored specifically to your world trade requirements.  By organizing our highly‑trained staff into specialized client teams, we consistently focus on your expectations and develop solutions that seamlessly integrate with the way your business operates.

We believe that we have an insight to the requirements expected by your company and are capable of providing the highest level of service to you at the most reasonable costs.

Armed with our strong resources, we are committed to providing services dedicated to making your international trade movements successful every time.

We view each transaction as an equally important link in building long‑term relationships with our customers.  As a result, our management of your transportation logistics is defined by professional, personalized attention every step of the way.  We endeavor to do everything better than anyone else by providing a higher level of service, convenience, reliability, and customer care.

Working with Singh Universal Networks, Inc. as a part of your team allows you to concentrate on the priorities of your day‑to‑day business, while we take care of the myriad details involved in global shipping and documentation.  Put simply, our goal is to make your job easier.

We encourage you to take the time to peruse the following pages which will address the many services which Singh Universal Networks, Inc. offers.

It is our pleasure to serve the needs of the international transportation community and we look forward to serving your shipping needs in the immediate future as well.

The best way to build our business is to help you build yours.


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